A Sense of Belonging in STEM

My prior research experiences have shown me that diverse viewpoints are essential to solve global challenges such as the ones I propose to tackle, and we cannot solve them without increasing participation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields for those conventionally excluded from these environments.

As a first generation, low income (FLI) student myself, I understand the importance of mentoring and support to encourage FLI students to continue research and pursue STEM careers. There is no better place to learn than from people that actually have lived the experience. From my previous experiences, I have also learned that it is not enough to foster an inclusive environment; we need FLI students to feel a sense of belonging within the engineering community.

My goals for diversity are therefore centered on moving beyond simply providing a seat at the table for those previously excluded from STEM to ensuring that their voices are heard and supported by those already at the table.

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